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Impact Investing is complicated. How do you balance impact and investment returns, local vs. global impact, 17 sustainable development goals, debt, equity, and revenue-share? All this while also deciding whether to invest from your savings, your family office, or your foundation or donor advised fund?

Realize Impact is here to help make impact investing simple. We know how to make impact investments, create impact, and then harvest the investment returns. What we looking for are your recommendations for impactful impact investments, and the capital to make those investments.

Realize Impact can help you in three simple steps:


Make a grant from your donor advised fund or private foundation, recommending an impact investment.


Realize Impact does the diligence, reviews the terms, and makes the debt, equity, revenue-based investment.


99% of the investment returns are donated to your recommended DAF, foundation, or other 501(c)3*.

Or in other words, you do the easy parts and we’ll do the complicated parts. When you find a good impact investment, tell us about it. We’ll spread the word so that others can join in too, helping catalyze your capital into yet-more impact. Later, if the investment turns out to be fruitful, we’ll put almost all of those returns into a donor advised fund, foundation, or charity, so it can do even more good for the world, or give us a new suggestion and we’ll invest that capital again and again and again.

We do this for one low flat fee:


$500 for investments
of $10,000 or more.


* There is no fee for investments under $10,000, but the investment returns will not be re-donated.

Philanthropic Investment Grant

See the details on the Philanthropic Investment Grant or contact us to get started.

Latest stories

#6: Community Credit Lab


Ada Developers Academy and Community Credit Lab partnered to focus on increasing equity in tech. Ada Developers Academy is a non-profit, tuition-free coding school for women and gender diverse adults. Ada focuses on serving low income people, underrepresented minorities, and members of the LGBTQIA+ community in Seattle and the surrounding region. Community Credit Lab provides community-funded, 0%...



The 86Fund is an emergency fund that aids independent restaurants—with priority given to those owned by women and minorities—facing unprecedented hardship during the global pandemic. Support Restaurants According to Yelp, as reported in ReBusinessonline in September, 61 percent of San Francisco restaurants that closed due to COVID will not reopen. A gift through the 86Fund will provide vital...

R is a resource-rich hub of useful information, available job opportunities, and training resources to help people find higher paying jobs. Created in partnership with RiseKit, a software company focused on helping people from underserved communities find a fulfilling career pathway (starting with Chicago, Atlanta, and Dallas). If you are looking for careers in fields such as...

Three Funds


In addition to our off-the-shelf service that lets anyone turn philanthropic capital into an impact investment, this year Realize Impact now also operates three philanthropic investment funds for three partners.   The Decarbon8-US fund is for those who believe in the power of entrepreneurship and technology and wonder what more they can do to mitigate climate change. Created in partnership...

Recycling our first $105,336 ROI


Back in May, at the start of the pandemic, the U.S. SBA rolled out the Paycheck Protection Program (a.k.a. the PPP). It was big news. What we also learned then was that most of this money wasn’t going into the hands of the small, Main Street businesses due to a host of systemic issues. One unspoken issue was that lenders could only lend the money they had in their reserves. The government...

#5: Denkyem Coop


Denkyem provides access to affordable loans for black-owned businesses in the Puget Sound region (a.k.a. the Seattle Metropolitan Area). The loan terms are simple and unique: This is a black-owned business serving black-owned businesses, started in partnership with one of Seattle’s most active early-stage investors: Realize Impact provided a recoverable grant to Denkyem, providing them some...

#4: Colorado Lending Source


Three months ago Realize Impact lent $105,804 to the Colorado Lending Source to provide them capital for the SBA’s Payroll Protection Plan loans (the “PPP”). Late last month, we were paid back, with interest. You’ve most likely read about the PPP loans in the news. This is a fund to make those loans possible to more Main Street businesses. What the news stories...

$1.1 million of Impact Investments


Realize Impact launched its Philanthropic Investment Grant service in the last few days of February, 2020. The purpose was to make it easy for anyone with a donor advised fund, private foundation, or any donor to turn philanthropic giving into impact investments. $1,100,000+ Donors love that simplicity. In its first three months, over $1,100,000 of new impact investments have been made, into five...

#3: Africa Eats


The coronavirus pandemic brings more than a healthcare crisis to Africa, it brings disruptions to the food supply chain that will likely cause widespread hunger and starvation. The food system is already far from ideal, with (at least) 40% of that food never being eaten due to post-harvest losses (Rockefeller Foundation studies). Adding to these issues are the friction of closed borders...

#2: Truss Fund


The Truss Fund is provides emergency, 0% interest loansof up to $100,000 to market-driven social enterprisesaiming to end global poverty and protect the planet. The Fund is designed for enterprises that have beenespecially hard-hit by the pandemic, and who are graduatesof the GBSI Accelerator at Miller Center. The Truss Fund is managed by Beneficial Returns, an impact investment debt fund that...

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