Realize Impact is an all-volunteer organization. Our board members have created (and operate) our investment service and investorflow.org after seeing the unmet needs.

Board Members

Luni Libes is a serial entrepreneur, author, podcaster, mentor, advisor, impact investor, and fund manager. Luni is the founder of Fledge, a global network of impact accelerators, and CEO of Africa Eats, a pan-Africa investment holding company. Luni is the Chairman and Managing Director of Realize Impact.

Stephanie Gripne is the founder and CEO of the Impact Finance Center, the creative force behind the National Impact Investing Marketplace with a goal to catalyze $1 Trillion in investment capital into social ventures. At Realize Impact, Stephanie sits on the Realize Impact Investments investment committee.

Matt Eldridge is a serial Interim Executive Director, specializing in finding new directions and optimizing operations of nonprofits. Matt’s most recent iED effort is at Oikocredit US. At Realize Impact, Matt is the co-creator of investorflow.org.

Lauren Kickham is known for catalyzing positive impact, particularly related to climate and the environment. Lauren is leading the development of Microsoft’s emerging market portfolio focused on equitable climate solutions, and previously worked for Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen’s family office, Vulcan. At Realize Impact, Lauren sits on the Realize Impact Investments investment committee.

Brian Howe pushes back against the mundane. A geeky recovering attorney who runs his own startup while advising a handful of others. Brian was the co-founder and first CEO of Impact Hub Seattle. He helped Realize Impact get created and continues to help refine all our services.

Beyond the Board

Janine Firpo is a writer, angel investor, impact investor, and social entrepreneur. She is the author of Activate Your Money: Invest to Grow Your Wealth and Build a Better World and the Founder of SEMBA, an organization dedicated to helping women invest for good. Janine is a member of the Realize Impact Investments investment committee and it was Janine who first said, “the problem isn’t dealflow, but investorflow“, which was the inspiration of the name.

Ben Brimble keeps the investorflow.org systems flowing. Ben is finishing up his degree at the University of Washington, majoring in business administration with a focus in finance. He is currently searching for post graduate full-time opportunities in social impact investing, investment banking, private equity and venture capital.


All of Realize Impact’s services exist to help grow and impact investing ecosystem. To make those efforts larger we have partnered with Social Venture Circle, Seattle Foundation, Mission Driven Finance, E8 Angels, Sprout Enterprise, RiseKit, SOCAP, and others.

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